R + J: A Reimagination of Romeo and Juliet

Access Theater

September 27-October 14, 2018

Directed by Molly Houlahan

Presented by HYPOKRIT Theater Company in co-production with ACCESS THEATER

We’re in the not so distant future in a society that has been purged of men.

It’s 50 years past the extermination of the male sex and the government is still relying on martial law for order amongst the factions. The Montagues, the militaristic warmongers who executed the extermination itself, and The Capulets, the controllers of information and media in an age of dark-out technology, fight to regain the preeminence of their glory days against the current the tightening grip of the Sovereign State. The tension boils to the point of precarious unbalance - will the new state of the nation tip back into the unrest it was born of? In this world of blood and turmoil, the heirs of each faction stumble upon each other and fall in unexpected, passionate love.

This piece examines what happens when a new society relies upon the patriarchal structures of the past. Can a world truly be reimagined anew if it relies on old systems of power, money, and love? In this play, we explore dominant mainstream feminism and those who get left behind in its wake.

Join us as we reclaim this classic canonical story of love, reimagined through the lens of a post-revolution world.